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Monday, November 21, 2011

Kansas City Diocese headlines in big Catholic news

There is a cureent events humorist, one Yonah Ward Grossman, whom I follow on Facebook who also happens to have a photoblog. A recent entry highlights some Catholic Church "wins", in spite of the fact that the Catholics involved end up "losing". The Kansas City mention: "In Kansas City, Mo., our old friend Robert W. Finn cut a deal with prosecutors to avoid a second round of criminal charges and possible jail time in connection with his cover-up of priest Shawn Rattigan’s unholy habit of taking photographs of prepubescent girls’ private parts which he stored on the Church’s computer. Bishop Finn will have to report weekly to said prosecutor to detail every suspicious episode involving abuse of a child in his diocese for the next 5-years, although Bishop Finn had already agreed to do this in writing, but failed, leaving his shutterbug priest to abuse more children after the photographs were discovered. So far bishops of Catholic diocese have cut deals to avoid similar prosecution in Manchester, N.H., Phoenix, Az, Santa Rosa, Ca, and Boston, Mass." The good news? We got yet more coverage of the travesty that is this local situation. The bad news? These people will, likely, get away with their further sexual abuse of the children in their own churches they were to be guiding, mentoring and teaching--children that should have been protected by these "leaders". Link:


David Clohessy said...

Never underestimate the skills and tenacity of a Catholic bishop's defense lawyers. . .The only hope of overcoming the smarts of these corrupt men and their high-priced legal teams is if every single person who saw, suspected or suffered clergy sex crimes comes forward, exposes wrongdoers, protects kids and starts healing.

David Clohessy
SNAP Executive Director, 314-566-9790

Mo Rage said...

We must be united and we must push for this change the world needs and that is, otherwise, so obvious to the rest of us, without doubt.

All the best good luck in your work. It's sad it's necessary.