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Monday, November 21, 2011

A challenge, at the beginning of the holidays (guest post)

"What a great time to do something amazing. What an incredible opportunity to start some ripples. I have a serious challenge for all of you. If you have a blog, blog your own bold messages of love. If you have a video camera (don’t forget the one on your phone!), create your own bold messages of love and post them to YouTube. If you have a Facebook or a Twitter a page, post your own messages of love. If you have a voice, say something you normally would hesitate to say. Something powerful. Something full of love. If you have any platform at all, use it. Get your message out. Make it bold. Make it incredible. Make it sincere. Tell those who are different, those who are bullied, and those who need love most right now that you love them. Tell them that you care about them. Offer an arm to put around them. And then… send it to me. I’d really love to post some of them here on Single Dad Laughing." (Contact here: His blog here: As the Beatles said: "All you need is love."

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