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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The exact opposite of what should happen in our government

There is a report out today from The Washington Post, telling how, since President Obama has been so successful raising campaign cash last time and so far, in this campaign, that the Republicans are--naturally--trying to end the public funding system completely. Well, sure. Ending the public finance system for our elections fits their needs and wants. It that much more likely that the wealthy people and corporations, with all their lobbyists and money, will further their ugly, corrosive hold on American politics, campaigns, elections and so, our government. It's stupid and irresponsible. The only way the American people will get their government back is when we do away with "campaign contributions." Until we do, our legislators will be guided by who gives them money and the more for them, the better for them but the worst for our political system and government. Until we do away with these bribes known as campaign contributions, our legislators, their legislation and so, our government will be owned by the rich and corporations. They won't legislate for the country. They will legislate for their "sponsors". It's got to end. We have to stop this. We must demand an end by going to a wholly government-funded campaign system. Link:

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