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Saturday, March 3, 2018

This Actually, Literally Frightening Republican President Donald J Trump and His Administration

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There is so much wrong with and from this President Trump, it's honestly difficult to assess. That's  partly because he says and does so many contradicting things and then partly because there are so many ramifications, here and across the world, from, again, what he says and does. Here are some examples from this past week alone.

He's not even for supporting our laws, due process and the legal system.

One more example of him saying one thing...

And then, days later, if not sooner, changing his mind and position, entirely.

There is not only what he says and then contradicts, entirely, there is also the gross, gross incompetence for what he isn't doing and what he doesn't do.

And then there's the corruption. You can't forget the corruption. Some of it is from within the White House.

Regulator Seeks Kushner Loan Details From Deutsche Bank

Some of it is outside the White House.

Not done there, there's this.

According to Fact Checker and the Washington Post, so far in his Presidency, in 406 days, Trump made 2,436 false or misleading statements.

President Trump has made 2,436 false 

or misleading claims so far 

Additionally, in 408 days, as of today,  he has spent 100 of those days on a Trump golf course.

If you aren't at least concerned, folks, you aren't paying attention.

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