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Friday, March 9, 2018

The Time Has Come. Our Time Has Come

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Yes sir and ma'am. The time has come.

Our time has come.

The time to put people, people's lives, Americans, innocent Americans, at that, as a higher priority than weapons and weapon ownership has come. Is now.

No one's talking eliminating guns in the nation, either.

Not remotely.

We're not proposing doing away with the 2nd Amendment or confiscating all the weapons in the country.

It's just that the taking of, again, innocent American lives must end.

A few simple, obviously necessary, helpful, intelligent regulations of weapons only makes sense.  Three that come to mind are:

  • Background checks, required, coast to coast, for mental stability and criminal history, for all weapons purchases to finally, finally close the gun show loophole
  • Making the maximum number of shots per clip to be 10
  • Re-instituting the Assault Weapons Ban

This is no way asking too much. And again, people would still have their weapons if they wish.

It should have ended long ago.

This is a grassroots effort and movement. It's coming from the people. It started with the students and we mustn't let it stop.

Let's do this.

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