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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Who, Exactly, Is President Trump Tryng to Protect?

This happened yesterday, last evening.

Rex Tillerson condemns Russia 

for UK nerve agent attack 

So what did Trump do today? What did he tweet within the last 2 hours?

Image result for stupid trump

Is our President, Donald J Trump, protecting or trying to protect Russia, ladies and gentlemen? Or someone in it?

Let's ignore that he fired yet one more person of the highest rank in his own administration and by tweet, no less, the coward.

Who, really, is this Republican President working for?

Again, who is he trying to protect?

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Anonymous said...

One hypothesis? Trump is the quintessential puppet, spewing forth a torrent of /real/mis/disinformation coupled with a healthy dose of scandal. The purpose is to keep the masses distracted during the replacement of what used to be a representative government with that of outright fascism?