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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Two Headlines That Say It All

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You've maybe read or heard that the retail chain Toys R Us is going out of business shortly, right? Going bankrupt? It can't keep up with online toy sales so it's having to shut down, right?

With that in mind, check out these two headlines on that subject. They say everything. Here's the first.

Bankruptcy judge approves $14M 

Toys R Us executive bonus payout

And here, here's the second.

Oh yes.

The deck is stacked, ladies and gentlemen.

And it's stacked, severely, against most of us.

Not done there, here's another beauty.

What scandals? Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan 

gets $4.6M raise

Wells Fargo bank has untold scandals and so, fines, from the government, for scamming their own customers out of millions of dollars but what does the CEO get? 

A huge pay raise.

Because, sure, that makes sense.

You or I would be fired, forget about a raise.

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