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Friday, March 30, 2018

"American Exceptionalism" -- Exposed

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Herewith, things we Americans do that no other Western, industrialized nation does.

First, we don't control weapons

Why the US has the most mass shootings

Second, we tie health care to profits.

Report: US Spends More Per Person On Health Care

And these are the results:

U.S. Healthcare: Most Expensive 

and Worst Performing 

And it's killing our mothers and children.

Third, we don't take care of our people, instead, we spend outrageously, even obscenely on what we call "defense."

US military spending dwarfs rest of world

The US spends more on defence than 

all of these countries combined

And we do it exponentially greater than any other nation, to the point of actually making us weaker.

US Military Spending Actually Weakens 

Nation's Defenses

Fourth and finally here, we, lots of us, think of ourselves, proudly, as the "wealthiest nation in the world" presently, if not ever, on the face of the planet, through time, when statistics show some pretty incredible insights to it.

Why is poverty higher in the U.S. 

than in other countries?

So here's to you, America. This is how you really are and this is what you do.

Aren't you exceptional?

Isn't just enough to make you proud?

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