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Friday, March 2, 2018

The NRA Is In a World of Hurt Just Now

Think about it. Think about what's going on right now in America regarding the NRA. The NRA is getting his--hard--on three fronts and it's all pretty terrific.

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First, Americans are sick to death of the shootings and killings and are finally standing up and demanding change regarding weapons ever since the Parkland, Florida shootings. Coast to coast, people are organizing and demanding change from their legislators on both the state and national level.

Second, companies are abandoning NRA left and right 

Then, finally, quite possibly the biggest development is that the NRA is also getting hit with reports like these, showing money being funneled from a Russian oligarch/banker to the NRA.

Russian politician claims he knows Trump through NRA

The Russian banker under scrutiny for money transfers to the National Rifle Association said that the organization helped him meet President Trump.

Alexander Torshin, a deputy head of Russia’s central bank, is one of his country's strongest supporters of the NRA, even hosting dinners for an American delegation that came to Moscow in 2015.

A report earlier this year said that federal investigators were looking into whether his payments to the group were funneled towards Trump’s election as part of what Fusion GPS investigator Glenn Simpson said was a “very concerted effort” by Russian officials to get in with the gun lobby.

Here is my favorite headline on this topic.

So put all that together and face it, folks. 

The NRA is in a world of hurt presently.

Oh, darn.

Pass the popcorn.

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