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Friday, January 11, 2013

Great news for Missouri

 Did you see where one of Missouri's pristine rivers in the South of the state got a big honor this week?

Ozarks’ White River is nation’s second National Blueway

From the article:
The White River, with its 60-county watershed cutting through Missouri and Arkansas, has been named America’s second National Blueway.

This is actually quite a big honor, considering it's only the 2nd in the nation to get this distinction and that it "was nominated for this designation by 26 groups, including The Nature Conservancy, the Missouri Department of Conservation, Ducks Unlimited and the Arkansas Canoe Club.

My point in bringing this to anyone's attention is first, just to say it's quite an honor but second, in hopes that more people from the area would take advantage of this treasure and go and camp, canoe and hike the area. I'm convinced that the Ozarks are vastly overlooked by us. The hills, forest and rivers there are breathtaking.

I'd be nearly willing to bet that if a random group of Missourians or Kansans or Illinoisans nearby were polled, far too many of us would confess we didn't even know there's a national forest on our doorstep.

And that's a darn shame.

Go, enjoy, people.

Link:  Mark Twain National Forest

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