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Sunday, November 13, 2011


"...and just like they say, nothing good ever lasts..."


Donna said...

Don't tell me I've caused you to become "DeMented"? If so, there's that hour-and-a-half concert link on that blog entry about Iris.

Mo Rage said...

Yes, indeed you have.

Last night I listened to her and that one song again and again. Then, today, I did again. Naturally, I also checked out some other pieces, too.

I'd heard her before but didn't know the name with the voice.

I'm now, officially, as you said, "Demented". Thanks very much.

(It's a good thing it's a sunny day, though, I'll tell you).

Enjoy your Sunday.

Donna said...

My favorite Iris song is "When My Morning Comes Around".

Mo Rage said...

Well, you know I have to check that out now.

Thanks, in advance.