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Friday, November 4, 2011

Poor in US hits all-time high---and low

New data out today show the the "Poorest poor" in the US hi an all-time new high, in numbers, recently. Yeehaw, huh? Check the data: WASHINGTON (AP) — "The ranks of America's poorest poor have climbed to a record high — 1 in 15 people — spread widely across metropolitan areas as the housing bust pushed many inner-city poor into suburbs and other outlying places and shriveled jobs and income. New census data paint a stark portrait of the nation's haves and have-nots at a time when unemployment remains persistently high. It comes a week before the government releases first-ever economic data that will show more Hispanics, elderly and working-age poor have fallen into poverty." Isn't that just terrific? And still, the Republican leaders in Washington want to keep the government from creating any new jobs or work, through infrastructure construction jobs or anything and everything else. Heaven forbid the country actually succeeds while there is a Democratic president in the White House, eh? This is really sick. Link:

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