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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Okay, somebody better check on Tony

I'm just saying. He hasn't written all weekend. I'm thinking he either went on a short vacation or "met somebody", if you know what I mean. Run over to his Mom's basement, will you, and let me know here if he's okay?


Donna said...

I didn't think he ever posted on weekends.

Mo Rage said...

I thought he had--at least a little--and I didn't think it was this long a gap but hey, it would be far (very far) from the first time I was wrong.

Tony said...

Hope the site feed is working. Showing up in my reader.

I always post on Sat.

I had 17 posts on Sat. actually. Even did one about the earthquake that got a pretty good response.

Sorry for the mixup.

Mo Rage said...

No mixup.

I just thought you were gone a bit longer than usual. I also thought you did post on the weekend--at least a bit--as I said above.

No big deal.