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Friday, November 4, 2011

More great work from our own "Harvest Public Media"

I wrote here, some time ago, about what was, at that time, our new "Harvest Public Media" people from the area and region. From their description page, they describe themselves this way: "Harvest Public Media is one of seven Local Journalism Centers nationwide created with the support of a two-year grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The initiative is intended to strengthen collaboration among six Midwest public broadcasting stations." They are throughout the Midwest and one of the participating stations is our own KCUR 89.3 FM as well as the Kansas Public Radio (KPR) group. Today, they gave a report on NPR on McDonald's "McRib" sandwich and its local, Nebraska origin: From Nebraska Lab To McDonald's Tray: The McRib's Strange Journey. Whether you eat the things or not, I think you'll find the brief story interesting, at least. They cover more, different, excellent stories about food in all its aspects than virtually any other source. Just more great stuff from Harvest Public Media. Thanks, y'all! Links:;;; http://

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