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Thursday, November 3, 2011

I can hardly believe this

From the PBS "NewsHour" web page, check out their article "5 Things to Know About the G20 Summit": "The Europeans, particularly the Germans and French, like the idea of a financial transaction tax in order to have banks pay for their own bailouts rather than the taxpayers. But Britain and the United States are not keen on it. They feel their financial institutions, which are larger, would suffer more, and that the taxes themselves would be easy to evade." Get that. The Americans don't want to "have banks pay for their own bailouts..." if you can believe that. Astounding. Wouldn't you think that would be self-evident AND fair? Americans just aren't very bright. Or, in actuality, the American corporations can just buy our representatives easier. Link:

1 comment:

rbbrfish said...

Financial transaction tax: had you seen this one?

Bill Nighy as the banker is priceless.