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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Religion May Well Have Brought Us, Once Again, to This Mass Shooting

There are actually not just some times but many in which religion, which is to otherwise espouse love and love for humanity, has brought us, yet again, to this horrific slaughter of innocent American lives in Orlando, Florida today where 50 people were gunned down and at least 53 maimed.  Check out this recent video from Orlando dated April 16 this year.

Check this out. This is from Orlando and just this past April.

This is not an assault on my part against the Muslim religion nor Muslims nor followers of Islam. My position is that this man, above, in this video is deeply wrong and irresponsible and calling for murders.

Let's be clear on this, too. The shooter last night was a coward. A coward with a gun.

He was angry because he saw two men kissing. 

At a gay bar. Imagine that. 

So rather than confront them, he got weapons and gunned innocent people, innocent Americans down. 

He was a freaking coward. As so many of these people are.

Then there's this:

This is proof right here so no one can claim background checks for mental stability and/or criminal history can't stop at least some of these killings and slaughters of American innocents. If even one life is saved, let alone one mass shooting is avoided and lives are saved, we've made improvements.

We need to get busy, everyone. Please contact your Congressional representatives and tell them we need, at minimum, required background checks for all weapons purchases in the nation, for mental stability and criminal history. No, it won't stop all these shootings and killings and maimings, as I said, but if we at least reduce them, we've advanced as a people.

Thank you, in advance.

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