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Sunday, June 5, 2016

"My Last Employee" (Guest post)

My Last Employee
That's my last employee standing there,
Protesting, wet and cold, and wondering where
His pension went. And how his former pay
Let's stop and watch him standing with his sign,
Decreased in buying-power, he cannnot say. 
Queuing in the unemployment line.
Nation it is to keep his wages low 
He cannot say because the GOP 
Has taught him how important to a free 
So I have monthly profits I can show,
I know that look -- as if you'd like to ask 
Creating rising prices for our stock 
By unemployment lines around the block. 
How I can sleep at night with such a task.
Or worker's rights! I’m planning how to slash 
I sleep just fine. And better than that guy, 
Who worries whether someone such as I 
Should care about community, not cash, 
Expenses sending more jobs overseas,
They work their unpaid overtime and bring 
Replace the rest with contractors like these 
Illegals I have found that I can cheat 
With deportation threats. They scarcely eat! 
Enormous profits -- more than anything
American workers just don't understand 
Before. And this guy and his fellows hate 
The cheaper workers coming in the gate 
Instead of Wall Street, me, my 
Board, or staff. 
You'd cry if money didn't make you laugh.
The Chairman of my Board's known munificence 
We take advantage of them with our brand: 
The right to work, and don't pay union dues, 
They medicate themselves with food and booze. 
Drive on, driver. It’s nearly time to meet 
The company directors. I repeat,
Your acquiescence to our acquisition, 
Is ample warrant that no just pretence 
Of yours to get a golden parachute -- 
You’ll see how I can play him like a flute -- 
Is likely to be disallowed; I'm sure 
You'll like the package offered to secure 
And me ascending to the top position. 
That Dale Chihuly cast in glass for me. 
Drive on! I hope you notice as we go 
The leather seats recline -- and watch the glow
Of flowers in the dome light, a rarity
That Dale Chihuly cast in glass for me.

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