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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Why Senator Sanders Is Right For America

U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders

It's not just that Senator Sanders stands for things and stands for the right things and isn't taking money from the big PACs, though those are all big factors in his campaign.

It's that he stands for so many RIGHT things and that he stands for the people and that he's his "own man."  His views set him so apart, so simply but clearly, distinctly and strongly apart from ALL THE OTHER candidates in this presidential race and that it's basically the same stances he has taken FOR YEARS.

It's clear he's for us. It's clear he's been for us, for the people, for years.

Finally, it's clear he's genuine. It's very clear he's the "real deal."

As president, he wouldn't be and won't be "perfect" and solve all the nations ills, no more than our current president has or did. 

But he's the right man for the job and with a Democratic Congress, a lot of our intrinsic problems in the nation, in and of our government, could and would be addressed, repaired and changed for the better.

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