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Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Republican Congress Is At It Again

Did you see this breaking news in the last 24 hours?

Paul Ryan
Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan

Congress Attempts to Repeal Affordable Healthcare Act for 62nd Time

Do you realize how really insane and irresponsible this is? Think about it.

Not only have the Republicans in Congress thought and worked and voted on this, repealing Obamacare 62 times.

And of course President Obama is going to veto it. They know that. They don't care if they're wasting their--our--time. And money.

U.S. Congress sends bill to gut Obamacare, 

to certain veto

Keep in mind, however, the original goal for enrollment and participation of Americans in Obamacare was 7 million.

7 million people insured.

Do you know how many have signed up?

At least 20 million.

Nearly 3 times more Americans have signed up with Obamacare than what the original goal was. And if this were to be taken away now, on what plan would these people be? What coverage would they have?

And we know the answer is none. They would have no health insurance coverage and health insurance companies could--and no doubt would---continue to keep jacking up the costs, the premiums, every year.

And what about the people with pre-existing conditions coverage that Americans have now that would very likely go away if Obamacare were eliminated as the Republicans keep working for and wasting their and our time and money? Who would cover all those probably hundreds of thousands of people with their pre-existing illnesses and issues?

We know the Republicans have no solutions. They've said as much. They only want to take away this coverage, this partial solution to our healthcare problems and crisis, this Obamacare because, after all, it was initiated by President Obama. And they hate all things Obama, America and American people be damned.

Are they working on the shrinking middle class? Oh, heck, no. They're trying to kill Obamacare, instead. Heaven forbid someone in the opposing political party should have a successful time in office in the White House. 

Their political party's success is FAR more important than that of the nation or the people in it.

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