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Monday, January 11, 2016

On This Huge Powerball

This isn't actually possible because of taxes being deducted and their math, honestly, is WAY off and incorrect but something like it certainly makes more sense.

The payout in Missouri, if you take a lump sum payment, after taxes, is $572,260,000. That means it really would be possible to give more than 1 million dollars 572 Americans across the nation, anyway.

This would make FAR more sense and for all the following reasons:

--It would be far less likely to mess up one person or even a rather small group, if they were to win it as is.

--It would spread the money out over the nation and do far more good, across all the cities, counties and states. It would be far better for all these economies, as well.

--It would certainly be far better for the entire nation. It would strengthen state and federal tax coffers, as a side benefit, too--something heaven knows Kansas needs just now (eh, Governor Brownback?).

At worst, if it did or does mess up any lives---and it inevitably would--it would have a smaller destructive effect and the person or people would still have had some fun and done some good in the meantime, while blowing their own 1 million dollars.

Hey, we can dream, can't we?

(Meantime, poor Mr. Andolini. He's apparently put his name on this chart, it's bouncing around the interwebs and it has horribly incorrect math on it and attributed to him).

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