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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Republican Party and Right Wing in Freefall


I keep finding, by pure chance, more and yet more indications, at least weekly, of Right Wing and Republican Party splintering. So much so that even the word "splintering" doesn't seem strong enough to describe it. They seem to be nothing but attacking one another and tearing the party apart.

I just ran across a few examples today, again, by pure chance. All came from the site Mediaite  today.Here's the first.

Here's the very Right Wing, very conservative, very Republican-supporting National Review attacking Donald Trump, really, and the people who support him, even though he's the frontrunner in the polls. How fantastic is that?  Well, at least for the rest of us, anyway.

Here's the second internal attack within the Party I saw today:

Fox's WattersNational Review Writers 'Putting Pure Conservatism Over the Country'

Get that. Nearly unbelievable. Right Wing, ultra-conservative, Republican supporting Fox, attacking the, again, very Right Wing and Conservative and Republican Party supporting National Review, of all things, for being too conservative and, as it says, "putting pure Conservatism over..." the interests "...of the country."

And the third:

Again, a staunch Right Winger, Pat Buchanan, attacking a long time, staunch Right Wing media source for daring to criticize Donald Trump, one of the two, if not the most popular candidates for the presidency this year, in polling.

Here's the fallout of the National Review issue:

Finally, check out what some of the heads of the party took up:

GOP Civil WarLeading Conservatives Pen Massive Anti-Trump Manifesto

More on this diatribe by Conservatives on the horrors of the Donald:

Conservative Writers Explain Anti-Trump Manifesto: 'Terrible Face of America to the World'

And of course they're correct. I can't even imagine Donald Trump as president. Who knows what horrors and gaffs would come from the man?

This is phenomenal, really. The Democratic Party and anyone not supporting the Republicans couldn't write or ask for anything better for this group. It's clear they are, for all practical purposes, self-destructing.

Darn the luck, huh?

Pass the popcorn.

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