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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thoughts On a Huge Powerball Lottery Jackpot


So many thoughts come to mind on tonight's huge Powerball jackpot lottery, worth 1 and 1/2 billion dollars, in pre-tax jackpot prize amount.  Herewith:

--Hopefully not just one person wins it. (Well, unless it's me, of course).  To say it's a huge sum of money is blatantly obvious, even an understatement. The likelihood one person could handle this is slim. Possible and unlikely but slim.

--Hopefully a person of small means, the middle or lower class wins it---one who, again, could handle it. I heard a report on the radio news that said when lottery jackpots like these get bigger, more wealthy people buy tickets. Let's hope someone who isn't already "loaded" wins this thing.

--Better yet, it would be great if a group of people won it and again, it didn't mess any of them up. That's hoping for a lot.

--As I write this, the jackpot is officially 1.5 billion dollars. By the time this comes up as a post, I feel certain it will be valued at 1.6 billion, at least. Not that it isn't already an insane amount of money. Possibly for one person.

--Huge as this jackpot is and as much good or bad as it could do for someone and for a group of people---thinking their family and friends---my personal hope is, for the good of anyone and everyone involved with this thing, hopefully it's won tonight. I can't begin to imagine how big it will be if not won tonight but 2 billion dollars does seem entirely possible. In that case, and the bigger it gets, all the more likelihood it would screw up yet more lives.

--The real winners on this thing? The person and people atop the business that is Powerball. It's like Vegas. The only real winners are the ones who own the casinos and machines themselves.

--It's gone a bit international, this Powerball:

Canadians flock to U.Sborder towns 

in frenzy for Powerball tickets

Now people are talking about building a wall to keep Canadians out but for completely different reasons.

It's gotten even bigger, however. I spoke to a Facebook friend yesterday, from England, and he says they can buy and are buying them there, online and that he was going to:

--The winner would be helped and greatly if they are from one of the states where you don't have to declare who you are if you're the winner.  Like Kansas. (hint, hint).

--When a person does finally win this thing, besides solving financial issues for them and giving them great vacations, SO MUCH GOOD COULD BE DONE and for so many, many people across the state and nation and even the world, literally, and for the rest of that person's long, healthy, happy life and even beyond, really. Here's hoping that's what happens.

So there you are. Some thoughts, random thoughts on this huge, crazy Powerball jackpot drawing tonight.

Good luck to anyone and everyone out there, playing the thing.

You'll need it in at least a few different ways.

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