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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Powerball Lottery Just Now


So a couple of notes on the Powerball Lottery right now.

No one won last night's drawing. It was the largest jackpot prize for them ever. Seems it got up to 949.8 million dollars.

Crazy, no?

So now? What's the jackpot prize going to be for this Wednesday evening? Glad you asked.

There is an entire likelihood, a strong possibility one person could and would walk away with a 1.3 billion dollar jackpot prize this week, before taxes. Someone who previously didn't have much money.

There are people in poverty---starving, in fact, literally----all over this planet.

We have a lottery with a prize of 1.3 billion dollars up for grabs this week, very possibly for one person to claim.  At 2 dollars a throw.

According to the USA Mega website, the cash payoff for this will be $572,260,000 after taxes. So that would mean if this were distributed more wisely, 572,000,000 people could be millionaires. Instead, one person will quite possibly get all of this.

It's like our business community. The heads of companies and corporations can and do take home hundreds of millions of dollars in pay while millions of Americans work full time jobs and aren't paid enough to make a sustainable living.

I'm just glad we, as a people, as humanity, as a nation, have our priorities straight so we can make this world work for everyone. I'm glad we figured out all that fairness and equality and justice and common sense, so long ago.

Aren't you?

Link:  USA Mega | Powerball and Mega Millions Lottery Results

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localotto said...

I like the tone of the post. Personally, I think they should better use those money to fight hunger or protect the rain forests.

Mo Rage said...

Sure, more good ideas.