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Sunday, January 3, 2016

More Evidence of Missouri's Government Being Bought

Yet more evidence of Missouri's government either being bought or attempted to being bought. This from Southwest Missouri's Turner Report blog:

California venture capitalist donates 

$1 million to Greitens Campaign

Former Navy seal Eric Greitens received a $500,000 boost to his campaign for governor on the last day of 2015.

The half-million dollars marked the second time Greitens has received that amount from California venture capitalist Michael Goguen of Sequoia Capital. The other contribution was reported in October.

In the week following Christmas,including the Goguen contribution, the Greitens campaign received $750,505. Out of that total, $640,003 came from out of state sources.

During this past week, Greitens also received the following contributions:

-$5,001 Michael Burns, Malvern, Pennsylvania,
-$5,001 Mary Beth Reilly, Nixa
-$10,000 Blake Spahn, Self School chancellor, New York, New York
-$50,000 Bryan Magers, Springfield, developer
-$25,000 Irvine Kessler, Wayzata, Minnesota, self investment management
-$50,000 Market Street Bancshares, Mount Vernon, Illinois
-$5,001 Jeff Layman, Springfield, Morgan Stanley senior vice president
-5,001 Howard Rosenbloom, Timonium, Maryland, Cruiser Capitol Advisers
-$10,000 Donald Sanders, Town and Country, Nightline Express, Inc. CEO
-$5,500 Mark Mantovani, Ansira executive
-$5,001 Mike Swann, Springfield, dermotologist
-$25,000 Bernard Marcus, Atlanta, Georgia, retired philanthropist
-$10,000 Frank Jay Steed, Branson West, Steed Communication
-$5,001 Thomas Smith, Boca Raton, Florida, Prescott Investors
-$15,000 Mark Gerson, New York, GLG chairman
-$20,000 ELX83 LLC, St. Louis

Check that out, above. 

There are actually two stories here, with this information. The first is that this one candidate is getting so much money, of course.

The second story to take from this and perhaps the biggest one is that this candidate received, out of all this big money, over 85% of this money from out of state sources. That is just not good for Missouri and Missourians, no matter the candidate.

Every time I report on campaign contributions in our state, I have to point out that we still have no campaign contribution limits and that we are the only state in the Union for which this is true and how damaging and even dangerous this is.

It was bad enough when Rex Sinquefield gave 900 million dollars to Catherine Hanaway's campaign. (See link at bottom, below).

We must change this. At the very least, we need campaign contribution limits in Missouri. After that, we simply need to end campaign contributions entirely. The already-wealthy and corporations must not be able to buy our legislators, our legislation, our laws and so, our government. And it must come from us. It's the only way we'll get things to change for the better and for the people.

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