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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

They're all political prostitutes

I saw a picture of President Obama on Facebook today with some note about him being a political whore, literally.

The thing is, I think we think of all our representatives--nationally, in Congress, but on a statewide level, too--as prostitutes, taking money for their work.

The thing is, to an extent, in a crude way, they are.

But they are because of the way our political system has evolved. It has evolved that they need "campaign contributions." Lots and lots of campaign contributions.

And the only reason this has developed and the only way it will change is if we--the people of the country, the citizens, the taxpayers and voters--stand up and demand change.

We need to demand that we get true, accountable, effective, prosecutable, tough campaign finance reform so no campaign contributions from anyone, anywhere is any longer allowed in the nation.

Until we do this, until we demand this reform and change, nothing will happen.

Until we get this reform, the wealthy and corporations will own our legislators and their legislation and so, our laws and finally, our government.

We need to stand up.

And that time is now. It's long overdue, as we know.

If we aren't willing to do that, we deserve the government we get.

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