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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A win for justice, abortion opponents and the Obama administration, all in one

Breaking news: Chen Guangcheng, Chinese Activist Who Escaped House Arrest, Arrives In U.S.

This is nothing but good news for anyone and everyone who supports fairness, justice, decency and all that is good.

Here's a man who learned of women being forced to have abortions by their own national government--in this case, Chinese--so he stood up, virtually alone, from what I understand, and did his best to fight it.

So the right thing happened here, thank goodness.

Part of the reason it happened was because of international communications. Whether it's because of the internet and all its social media or whatever, the world is no longer in the dark, so to speak, about these cases.

Thank goodness for that.

It's yet further proof of the power of the internet and social media--but of the people, too. The right thing happened here because anything else was not justice. Anything else happening in this case and to this man would have been grossly wrong and the Chinese leaders and government were overrun by it.

It's a great day.

It's a great day for justice and for what's right and for the people of the world.

It's enough to give one hope.

Here's another thing, too. It's a win, really, not just for "the people", collectively, but for the Obama administration, like it, accept it or not.


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