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Monday, April 9, 2012

We deserve answers and information, Rep. Cleaver

Last week we were given the news (see link below) that our own Representative Emanuel Cleaver II took out an SBA loan for $1,100,000 and now we, the taxpayers, will likely have to "eat" that loan. Well, I can only say--and it needs to be said--that we'd like to hear from good Mr. Cleaver on the matter. I'd like to know why we shouldn't be mad as hell about this, Rep. Cleaver. The Star, in the article, says they tried to get answers but couldn't get any. I'll be damned if I'll vote for him again unless or until this is cleared and cleaned up. So far, nothing from him or his office, to my knowledge. The same standards for every other politician applies to this one, for sure. Link:

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