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Monday, February 13, 2012

News flash to local TV news outlets: YouTube crap isn't news

I mean, come on. Last evening, as an example, KCTV-5 had the nerve to put this ridiculous video from YouTube on their evening news as something we needed to see. Forget that the city has budget problems. Forget that people are being killed in town--still--in far too high numbers. Forget that we have water mains breaking all over town. Anything REALLY important? FUGGEDABOUDIT. Watch this stupid, vapid, pointless video from that fun, wacky site YouTube--it's brand new, right?--instead! At some point, wouldn't you think they'd be embarrassed? Well, it hasn't happened yet. Watch for yet more of this nonsense. And at Hallowe'en? Watch for Larry Moore to do yet another ridiculous 3 minute coverage of local ghosts or hauntings or some such. Holy cow. Why do they think we should watch what they put up as local "news", anyway? I ask again, wouldn't you think they'd be embarrassed? (As proof of their total, utter lack of shame, they even put it up on their online website. Dont believe me? Check it out here: Note to local TV "news" stations: 1) YouTube isn't really news--at all--and 2) It patently isn't your job to entertain us. Yikes. I can't believe we have to say this.

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