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Thursday, February 23, 2012

From Bottomline Communications: Yet another rich guy wrecks, hurts someone and gets off easy

This one: PITCH EDITOR DELIVERS QUOTE OF DAY/MONTH/YEAR I'll get to the meat of the article: "Justin Kendall is an excellent writer and has done a superb job as the Managing Editor at The Pitch alternative weekly the past five months. But not only is Kendall’s writing top-notch, his sarcasm is pure gold. Take for instance his story about Frank Ross III, who ran a stop sign while drunk and obliterated a police car in the process titled “Can you drunk-drive into a cop car and keep your license? Yes – if you’re Frank Ross III.” The well-connected Ross, whose father is a partner in a major KC law firm, didn’t even lose his driving privileges over the incident. 'The driver, officer Warner J. Stumpenhaus, walked away with minor injuries,' wrote Kendall. 'The passenger, officer Serge Grinik, wasn’t so lucky. Firefighters had to extricate him from the cruiser, and he was hospitalized with a fractured pelvis, a fractured shoulder, and multiple abrasions and lacerations.'” And then this kind of crap--with rich people hurting or killing others and then buying their way out of it--needs to stop. At least it wasn't as bad as Curtis Mertensmeyer killing Lucas Bates with his mom's car and skipping off down the street, as happened here in town in 2010. (See 2nd link below) Links:;

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