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Friday, February 24, 2012

Lest we forget the Nelson-Atkins Museum

It seems the city has--rightfully, I think--gone so ga-ga (not to be confused with the singer) over our new Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, we have to keep in mind the treasure and treasures over at the Nelson-Atkins Museum. And to do so here, now, it seems a good idea to point out their upcoming exhibit on "Inventing the Modern World: Decorative Arts at the World's Fairs, 1851-1939." It opens to the public April 14. It should be another outstanding exhibit, for sure. Hopefully this exhibit will get the kind of exposure they did a few years ago with their one on trains in art. That one got covered by CBS' "Sunday Morning" in its last week. I think a lot more people in the region came to it the last weekend because of that coverage. Link:


Radioman KC said...

Thanks, I really enjoyed that presentation...thanks for posting it!

Mo Rage said...


You bet, you're welcome, of course. Glad you liked it.