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Sunday, February 26, 2012

One they get. The other, they don't

There's an odd thing about this poltical cartoon. I think that most all Americans--except maybe lobbyists--would agree with it and say that's one thing--if not THE thing--that's wrong with our political system. That is, that we have to get the money out of our politics and so, our government. Sure. But then, approach so many people about doing it and killing "campaign contributions" and putting in place true, tough, stringent, accountable, prosecutable campaign finance reform and either their eyes glaze over or they disagree with you. It seems obvious. Unless and until we get these campaign contributions out of our political system (we know them for the bribes they are), we will keep getting representatives and legislation and laws and so, government, by and for the corporations and wealthy. Nothing will change until we get the money out. It's that simple. Link:

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