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Monday, February 20, 2012

Things Americans need to read on our Afghan War--but won't

There's a whole list, almost solely because a military officer recently broke rank and wrote one classified and one unclassified document about how the Afghan war is going far worse than is being represented by the military brass to the American people. Note that one of the sources is The Armed Forces Journal, lest anyone think this is just left-wing, Liberal, "peacenik" jibberish. Pick one, anyway, at least, if you would and see how this war is going, at least in the eyes of one American soldier. He interviewed 250 other soldiers for his reports. If you don't like or trust one source below, pick another: Links:;;;;;;;; In addition, there is this YouTube video, shot by an American soldier that I think is important to see. He thought it important to film and get back to us, here in the States: The note/dedication on the video by the filmmaker/poster is: "This video gives the viewer a real sense of what life is like at the tip of the spear in Afghanistan. It is dedicated to two Soldiers who were killed in action less than two months after the photographer took these photos of them..." Finally, if you go to the YouTube page with this video, there are links to more, other videos also shot by other American soldiers, showing more graphically, in some cases, what's going on over there and what they're doing and living through.

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