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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Missouri: Some monumental stupidity in government

From Steve Kraske and his column today in The Star: "Missouri’s the only state where officials can accept $500,000 campaign donations and unlimited lobbyist gifts. And now, courtesy of a state Supreme Court ruling this week, donors can once again hide whom they’re giving to." How's that for disgusting? Thank you, Jefferson City legislators. Thank you, Republican Party. For nothing. Out of all 50 states--the entire nation--Missouri is the only one where our legislators can be bought and paid for in HUGE sums of money. Worse yet, then the trail can be covered. That is some kind of sick and irresponsible. This, ladies and gentlemen, truly is "what's wrong with our country", to use the cliche'. The wealthy and corporations can--and do, as we know--give sometimes small amounts (as low as $2,000) to our representatives. In the end, that gets them OUR legislation, OUR laws and so, our government. That's why it's government for the rich and for corporations first, if not always. This is why we must change the laws on "campaign contributions." This is why we need tough, stringent, accountable, prosecutable, punishable campaign finance reform. This, like it or not, is why we need to have our government finance our elections. That and make them 3 or 6 months long, at worst, by law. Until we do that, until we get this big, ugly, corrupting money out of our election systems, our government and laws will be for the rich and for corporations first, if not always. Link to original article:


Anonymous said...

People pursuing their constitutional rights is not always a pretty sight.

Citizens United and this is an example of that.

Mo Rage said...

Agreed--the Citizens United ruling and this are right up there.