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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mo. vs Ks: It's enough to give one hope

Great news, to me and I think to most Missourians and Kansans. At least it should be. From The Kansas City Star: "Republican Rep. T. J. Berry of Kearney is sponsoring legislation that would prohibit the state from issuing certain economic development tax credits to attract jobs from Kansas to Missouri. To go into effect, however, Kansas would have to pass similar legislation within two years. If it doesn’t, Missouri promises to exceed Kansas' (sic) economic development funding in the metropolitan area, spending $1.50 on economic incentives in the area for every $1 that Kansas spends." Not only that but here's more, very good news and indications about it: "Seventeen local business leaders, including Sprint CEO Dan Hesse and Donald Hall Jr. of Hallmark Cards, sent in a letter last April to Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon and Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback asking them to declare a moratorium on using incentives to induce businesses to move across the border." With that kind of support, I should think someone would take these people and this bill seriously. Here's hoping. We need to stop wasting government money--at all levels, city, county and state--at trying to keep buying back businesses from the different sides of the state line. We lose, time and again, and businesses win. They can just keep blackmailing us with this, otherwise. Link to original article:

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