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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What on Earth happened to Christianity?

I have no idea what's going on in Europe or any other nation in the world but I have to ask, truly, what on Earth happened to Christianity in this country?

It's gone crazy. It's gone looney.  It's fully, unquestionably out of control.

Jesus said, "Judge not, lest ye be judged."

You wouldn't know it today, judging by the people I see in real life, both on the streets and on television and what they say and do.

One of the absolute worst examples of what I'm saying can be witnessed daily--no, wait, hourly, minute by minute--on one of their television stations called Daystar Television .

The wackos come out to play constantly on this thing.

This one woman comes on her program apparently daily, an elderly woman with VERY blonde hair, and she riffs on current, national news. It would be funny if she weren't a) sad and b) horribly uninformed or misinformed. She knows truly nothing of national or international politics or geopolitics but merely sneers, repeatedly, at anything that isn't against President Obama and/or for the good old US of A.

Be clear on that point, too.  They REALLY don't like (if not hate) President Barack Hussein Obama and they make sure, at different times, we all know it.

The one that really gets me, however, and that I think is truly, singularly dangerous--and actually,  I think the entire station is that, dangerous, for the country--is the man and his program John Hagee Today with Dr. John Hagee.

This guy just rails against anything and everything that isn't the way he thinks it should be. He seems like a very clearly angry, judgmental, judging, hateful, bitter old man. From the pictures of him I saw on a Google images search, when it's a portrait, he smiles but when he's preaching, he's got his angry face on.

And he has that angry face on A LOT.

The one thing he said one time, as I was channel surfing past (really, I swear I was), was how bad Socialism is.

Seriously.  He was dissing Socialism.

And he yells.  A lot.

However patriotic I'm sure he'd insist he is, he apparently knows nothing, to this day, even in his advanced old age of keeping church and state separate, let alone why it's good for nations and their people.

One thing I saw on this station, however, that just purely tickles me silly is the show they call Discovering the Jewish Jesus with Rabbi Kirt Schneider.

It's a real hoot.

You're got this seemingly 100% Jewish man, standing there in his yarmulke and shawl, looking very much the committed, Jewish rabbi, menorah in the background, of course, yet he's talking about Jesus this and Jesus that.  I'm telling you, you can't want for amusement if you catch that show. It is alone in humor on this station.

Fortunately, there is one other redeeming quality to them all, too, and their TV station and that is that occasionally, but only occasionally, as nearly as I have seen so far, they put on a token black person, just to show how magnanimous and "inclusive" they are. Most of the time, you won't find anything on their station that isn't 100% bleached white and a great deal of them Southern, too, naturally. It's pretty blatant and stunning though I'm sure they'd deny any racism or white domination.

Haven't heard enough?  Check out their advertisement for this program:

Freda Crews

If that doesn't make you want to tune in, nothing will.


She is Dr. Freda Crews, just to let you know.

That's another thing, too.  Being all Biblical, virtually all the programs are given by men, again, naturally.  (Or rather, unnaturally, but that's another matter).  They let a few women have theirown shows but we're not going to have any female domination here, so sirree, Bob. Let those women have some control and next thing you know, they'll expect equality or something.

So very few black Americans and very few women.  Some, sure, okay, BUT JUST NOT TOO MANY, lest things get all out of control and all...

If you can and/or do go to the station, be prepared to see a LOT of men who look like charlatans.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

The thing is, I thought Jesus was supposed to be about love.

Wasn't he?

And leaving what is Caesar's, to Caesar?

And running the money-changers out of the Temple?

From the looks of virtually every minute of this TV station, they ARE the money changers.

And a lot of them are still darned angry.

If you can't or don't get the station--and I couldn't and didn't until this past week--consider yourself extremely fortunate.

Side note:  Lest you think this post today is just too dark or negative or ugly, even though I did try to throw in SOME humor, you can go here and possibly have a chuckle:

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man in the mirror said...

"This guy just rails against anything and everything that isn't the way he thinks it should be.

reminds me of you.

Donna said...

Good grief, you spend time watching that drivel? That'll drive anybody nuts! I guess I have never watched that particular channel; I used to watch a couple of selected shows on TBN. I've attended church with a lot of folks that really like John Hagee, but I can't see the appeal. He acts like he is angry all the time.

Mo Rage` said...

Great question, Donna.

Actually, no, I don't "spend time watching that drivel" at all. That said, when I first found it on the set, I was more than a bit stunned. I occasionally flip to it on my way to other channels and other programs, just to see who's saying what and how. Otherwise, there is no way I can take up any time with it. It's too painful. And not very bright. Before I arrived down here in SW Missouri, I'd never seen or known of the station or people.

Long after the fact--yesterday--I did research on it and found what I did.

All that said, I think it's an extremely valid point, though. These people would surely claim they're "doing God's work" and that they're either good Christians or trying to be. It's scary to me.

Mo Rage said...

and to "man in the mirror":


Thanks for that.