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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Kansas, Republican debacle is finally over

From the Kansas Democratic Party Facebook page, yesterday:
"In the middle of the night, the Kansas Legislature voted to raise Kansans taxes $777 million. They also voted to slash $56.1 million from higher ed, cuts corrections funding making our state less safe, and refused to carve out the developmentally disabled from KanCare. Raising taxes on middle-class Kansans and cratering education - just another night's work for Gov. Brownback and the Kansas GOP."
What's also stunning about the end of this entire debacle, besides the fact that this should never have happened and that it was extremely, additionally and unnecessarily expensive for Kansans and that the Republicans are reputedly the political party of lower government spending (don't make me laugh), is that these people, these politicians, these political representatives of Kansas not only raised taxes on the middle- and lower-class people their supposed to represent while also, cruelly, let's face it, lowering the taxes of corporations and the already-wealthy but that they did it in the middle of the night and were so really cowardly about the whole thing.

The total cost to Kansans for the inability to do their work in a timely, responsible fashion?

Nine extra days x $45,000 per day = $405,000.

Perilously close to one half million dollars.

Congratulations, you Kansas State representatives. You spent nearly one half million additional dollars Kansas and Kansans didn't have. You must be so proud.

If there's one thing good about all this is that, one, it's that it's finally over and, two, it won't cost Kansans any more than it already has.

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