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Saturday, June 22, 2013

A huge, overlooked possibility of time travel

Imagine if, one day, there really were such a thing as a time machine, time travel, stepping through a "wormhole" to another time.

Imagine putting it to REALLY good use.

Imagine if the person went back and--forgive me--killed Adolf Hitler in, oh, what?  1925?

Now that's a beautiful thought.

Have a great weekend, y'all.


Byron said...

Actually, you wouldn't have to kill him. Just help him get into the art school in Vienna.

Similarly, you wouldn't have to kill Fidel Castro. Just help him get signed by the New York Giants baseball team.

Again, Stalin would not have come to power if you medically treated Lenin, so he doesn't die prematurely.

Byron said...


There's an episode of Doctor Who called, "Let's Kill Hitler".

Mo Rage said...

Great points. Just expose Hitler to some education. It would take longer than a moment, as with the shot or whatever, but that does make far more sense.

Mo Rage said...

Unfortunately, shooting and killing a Hitler or some such person from the past makes for better 2 hour movies for Americans to absorb in the Summer.

Mo Rage said...

I stand corrected, then (on the Dr. Who episode).