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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The website and effort I've been waiting for: SAVE KCI!!

Yes, and here it is:

KCI Still Rated #1 in North America | SAVE KCI !

Let's do this.
Let's save the original, existing KCI. It makes too much sense. We like it, it works and it would be not only a huge waste, walking away from the buildings there now but it would also be a huge expense.
And you know who'd end up paying for it, right?
If we need to cut costs for the airlines by giving them easier security access, let's look into making the center, B building for that security and then have walkways out to A and C where we'd go to the gates to board our planes and flights. There ought to be some good way to solve this.

They're on Facebook, too, so you can join there:  Save KCI | Facebook

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