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Saturday, April 27, 2013

33 Reasons I'm a Liberal (guest post)

It's not originally mine but still true for me:
  1. I believe in science
  2. I believe corporations are businesses, not people
  3. I believe in equal rights, regardless of sexual orientation
  4. I believe that 47% of Americans aren’t looking for a government handout
  5. I believe in climate change, not that God has decided to use weather to “punish sin”
  6. I believe we must learn from history, not repeat it
  7. I believe women deserve the same rights as men
  8. I believe our sexual orientation is something we’re born with, not something we choose
  9. I believe immigration is what has made this country great, not what will bring it down
  10. I believe freedom for all means freedom for all
  11. I believe we have the right to own guns, but our Second Amendment says “well regulated” for a reason
  12. I believe in a living wage
  13. I believe you don’t create wealth by giving rich people more money
  14. I believe welfare helps the poor, it doesn’t punish the rich
  15. I believe health care is a right, not something for only those who can afford it
  16. I believe a woman has the right to choose what to do with her own body
  17. I believe a country is judged based on how they treat their poor, not their rich
  18. I believe there needs to be an economic threshold which we don’t let Americans fall below
  19. I believe we are not “entitled” to Social Security and Medicare, we paid into these programs–we earn these benefits
  20. I believe while we are all born in the same country, we are not all created equal, some people do need help
  21. I believe investing in education is more important than investing in bombs
  22. I believe nation building here is more important than the Middle East
  23. I believe rape—is rape
  24. I believe demand creates jobs, not tax cuts
  25. I believe in those “union thugs” like teachers, fire fighters and police officers
  26. I believe we support our military by not cutting VA benefits and only sending our troops off to war when there are no other options
  27. I believe we all have the right to follow whichever religion we want, or no religion at all, and our government should represent no singular set of religious beliefs
  28. I believe our Constitution doesn’t only protect the rights for which I agree, that it sometimes protects rights I disagree with
  29. I believe that being unemployed doesn’t mean you’re lazy, and most individuals who don’t have a job—want one
  30. I believe in an United States for the people, by the people, means we protect the people–we don’t leave them to suffer if they hit hard times
  31. I believe we should protect the weakest among us first, not the richest
  32. I believe we shouldn’t go broke trying to live healthier and longer
  33. I believe we should put people before profits
Funny thing is, too, a lot of these used to be assumed here in America--we've gotten away from them.

You wouldn't think we'd have to debate number 12, would you? Or 31. Or 33. Or...

Crazy.  In so many ways.

Link to original post35 Reasons Why I’m A Liberal

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