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Friday, April 12, 2013

Another big, local story the Star didn't report on

Here's a story that was right here in our own figurative "back yard", that's being covered nationally but our own local paper, weak as it is and short on reporters, didn't go after:


As you may or may not know, a man in a same-sex couple was in Research Medical Center in Lee's Summit. His partner wanted to stay with him, rather naturally, but Research not only tried to throw him out but had him arrested and removed from the premises.

This is a fairly big and even timely story, one of very current topics--equality, gay rights, fairness, legal issues, it really has it all, I'd think.

And the Star, the local paper of note, didn't touch it.

So it goes.

National sources cover the story but not our own paper.

I hope they have a good, viable plan for wanting to stay in business at the Star.

Because from here, it surely doesn't seem obvious.

Additional links:

Gay Man Arrested For Refusing To Leave Partner's Bedside At Missouri Hospital, Told He's Not Family [VIDEO]

Hospital issues new statement contradicting earlier statement to the police.


Anonymous said...

St. Luke's?

Mo Rage said...

One source called it as St. Luke's. I've changed it to Research Med. Ctr.