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Friday, April 26, 2013

President Obama, America, the "Stimulus Package" and Jobs

So many people blame our current President for our poor jobs situation yet so many don't know or seem to care to know the facts about employment in the last several years.

Here, then, are some facts:

In the 12 months prior to President Obama taking office, we had lost 4.5 million jobs.
Over half of the 4.35 million jobs we lost while President Obama has been in office came within the first 3 months of his first term.

Let’s look at a 9 month span of job losses covering the 3 months prior to President Obama taking office and the 6 months after:
  • Nov: 800,000
  • Dec: 650,000
  • Jan: 840,000 (Didn’t take office till end of Jan, these go to Bush)
  • Feb: 725,000 (Stimulus signed)
  • Mar: 787,000 (Announced assistance to the auto industry, aka the auto bailout)
  • Apr: 802,000
  • May: 312,000
  • Jun: 426,000
  • Jul: 296,000
In the 2 months following the signing of the 2009 stimulus, job losses went from monthly losses of 700-800K to 300-400K.  For the mathematically challenged, that’s over a 50% decrease in job losses just 2 months after the stimulus was signed.

In other words, over half of President Obama’s 4.5 million job losses happened his first 3 months in office—when none of his economic policies had enough time to make any kind of impact.
Now let’s fast forward to present day…

We’ve had private sector job growth, continuously, since March 2010.  That’s 37 consecutive months of private sector job growth—totaling over 6.5 million jobs.

Oh, and for the record, Obama has only been in office for 51 months.  That means about 73% of his time in the White House we’ve experienced job growth.

So, first and foremost, this President isn't killing jobs or job growth.

Second, the stimulus spending package worked.

Third, then, it seems clear here, too, that any austerity program now is not just irresponsible but flies in the face of everything that makes sense for jobs, for creating jobs and for the health of the nation's and people's economy.

So, to our representatives in Congress, both houses, I say, I ask, once again, would you please, please create a jobs/projects/infrastructure/construction bill?


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