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Monday, March 18, 2013

The New York Times did it again, yesterday, in Sunday's paper with a column on America's current situation:

Tax giveaways are the costliest benefits the government provides.

Just a bit of the article:

Each year, the government doles out tax breaks worth $1.1 trillion. That is more than the cost of Medicare and Medicaid combined. It is more than Social Security. It tops the defense budget, and it tops the budget for nondefense discretionary programs, which include most everything else.
Tax breaks work like spending. Giving a deduction for certain activities, like homeownership or retirement savings, is the same as writing a government check to subsidize those activities. Functionally, they mimic entitlements. Like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, they are available, year in and year out, in full, to all who qualify. Yet in budget talks, Republicans ignore tax entitlements, which flow mostly to high-income taxpayers, while pushing to cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
For anyone and everyone that thinks "welfare" and "moochers" are the problem--the workers on the street, the middle- and lower-class, working class people, they are mistaken. It is the corporate welfare and tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations that are far more irresponsible and even, actually unreasonable and unnecessary as well as far more expensive.
And the only way it will change is if we, the people, fight for it.
Oh, and fight to end "campaign contributions" so our legislators and their legislation are no longer bought and paid for.

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