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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kansas' own Koch brothers at top of "10 Worst Billionaires" List

Charles Koch and David Koch

Just out this week at Alternet:

10 Worst People on Forbes 2013 Billionaires List

              Oligarchs and monopolists and thugs, oh my!

1. The Koch brothers: Charles Koch ($34 bn), David Koch ($34 bn), William Koch ($4 bn)
Where to begin? David and Charles, the brothers still with Koch industries, are among the world’s biggest polluters, for starters. Bill Koch, who split off from the family company, is a world-class weirdo who devotes himself to things like building a faux Western town solely for his amusement and buying a $2 million photo of Billy the Kid. Though not as active in bankrolling GOP pols as his brothers, Bill was a big supporter of fellow 1 percent jerk Mitt Romney and has found time to fight against America’s first offshore wind farm in Massachusetts. As for David and Charles, they have won a permanent spot in the Public Menace Hall of Fame, kicking their fellow human beings in the face with everything from funding climate change denial to strangling democracy. They have striven mightily to reshape America into a Tea Party nightmare, and have plenty of money to continue their mission.
It's really quite a distinction, if even in infamy, when you outrank people like Rupert "I Own Evertything" Murdock, Sheldon "So What If My Money Comes From Casinos?" Adelson and even Silvio "I Didn't Know She Was That Young" Berlusconi.

Oh, and they don't mention it, Kansans, but they're also buying your state government through both the Governor's mansion and the statehouse.
Try to have a nice weekend anyway.

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