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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The stupid in Jeff City is getting outrageous

A new low, set by the Republicans in Jefferson City this week:

Health care workers could refuse to participate in procedures or research that violates their religious, moral or ethical principles under a measure passed by the Missouri House.
The House sent the measure to the Senate Tuesday with a 116-41 vote.

The Missouri House has given first-round approval to legislation that would allow medical workers to refuse to take part in procedures that violate their religious or ethical beliefs.
The sponsor, House Speaker Tim Jones (R, Eureka), says protecting the rights of workers is at the heart of House Bill 457.
“We want to encourage those people in the health care field and give them a shield, so they can have an opt-out, with proper notice, to their employer,” Jones said.

 State Representative Stacey Newman (D, Richmond Heights) blasted the bill on the House floor, calling it an attack on women.
“This bill deals with rape victims being potentially denied emergency contraception in emergency rooms…women being denied care at the moment they exactly need it," Newman said.  "The religious liberty of a patient, (the) religious liberty of a woman and her family, is totally ignored in this.”
What is it with these people? 
What part of "small, un-intrusive government" do these people not get?
Isn't that what the Republican Party is supposed to be about? Small government? "Conservative" government and legislation?
And what about "separation of church and state"?
It would be one thing if they only proposed stupid legislation, that would be bad enough. But this? It's stupid, along with frustrating and ignorant and intrusive and just radically wrong.
Truly outrageous.

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