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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Conclusions you have to come to about Kyle James

KSHB: KYLE JAMES MUG SHOT 20130325_20130325143132_JPG

Okay so, once again, Kyle James--son of Kansas City Mayor Sly James--is in jail. This above, is apparently his latest arrest photo, too.

Who cares what the reason is. (Well, other than the his parents, anyway).

With this, with him being arrested and put into jail once again, it seems easy and obvious to come to at least a few conclusions about him.

First, he must not learn lessons.

Second, he must not care a fig about his father's political career or personal reputation, let alone his own.

Third, he just can't seem to grow up, mature and take responsibility for his own life and actions.

Sad, very sad, as well as unfortunate and totally, utterly, completely unnecessary.


Nick said...

Another theory, suggested by a couple of worry weary cops of my acquaintance, is that Kyle deliberately violated parole in order to enhance his 'street cred' and thus his rap 'career'.

I used to cry over stuff like this, back in the 60's and 70s. Then I laughed at it.

It doesn't cause me even the smallest pause these days.

Mo Rage said...

That would make sense, inasmuch as this kind of thing could make sense.

It would also explain the stuff-eating grin he has plastered on his face for this shot.

I just think it's odd, besides being stupid and pointless oh, any hurting his father, politically, at least a bit.