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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Republicans suddenly, amazingly admit we have no big debt crisis after all

The heads must be exploding all across America today, from Washington, D.C., out. I know mine certainly is.  Check out what came from the Sunday morning news programs today. First there's this:

John Boehner Tells ABC He Trusts Obama, Agrees Debt Is 'Not An Immediate Problem'

House Speaker John Boehner downplayed the national debt as a major problem for the country during his appearance this morning on ABC's This Week. Boehner told fill-in host Martha Raddatz that not only does he think the debt is not an immediate threat but that he trusts the president and that "they're trying to bridge some big differences."

And then closely followed by this one:

Paul Ryan Tells CBS' Bob Schieffer 'We Do Not Have A Debt Crisis'

Congressman Paul Ryan downplayed concerns that the United States is in the midst of a debt crisis on Face The Nation this morning by saying that the country hasn't arrived there yet because it is buoyed by factors unique to America. 

What on God's green Earth is going on in and with the Republican Party? First they say we're going to hell with debt and now their two leaders come out today, this morning, and say that's not the case at all. THEN WHY ARE THEY PUTTING US THROUGH THIS SEQUESTER??

What in the world is with the Repubs right now?  I can't believe Boehner and Ryan could or would both come out and say we're not that bad on debt right now since they've been screaming about it for what? years? All of a sudden, these people both sound like and agree with economist Paul Krugman and Robert Reich, who have been saying this FOR YEARS. Sheesh.  Hypocrisy, anyone?

If this is all true, then are we surely not, then, now very close to having these people compromise and get a budget for the nation?

I doubt it seriously but I certainly hope so and it seems as though, with these positions on both their parts, that's where we should be--on the cusp of getting a budget from Congress.

I wouldn't put money on it but geez, what other conclusion can you come to?

You have to excuse me now, I have to go do something for my exploded  skull.

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