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Thursday, February 9, 2012

On doing your taxes online now

If TurboTax is free and H & R Block is free (for doing your taxes online) and you're not from Kansas City (because, after all, you would want to support a local company otherwise, right?), how do you know whom to select, anyway?


Donna said...

Those two charge to do your state taxes even though federal is free. I started with an online firm that did both free, but the site was confusing to me. So I stopped in the middle, went to H&R Block, and found it to be so simple a child could have done it. Federal was free, state cost $27. Meesha told me his secret after it was too late: He goes ahead and uses the site to figure his state taxes, but instead of paying them money to turn it in, he prints it off and sends it in by mail, himself.
I thought that was an excellent idea; Cliff thought it seemed a little dishonest.

Mo Rage said...

Two thoughts, then:

First, I think H & R Block doesn't charge you, according to their advertising, if you do the 1040 EZ form and

second, I guess I'll stick with Cliff's call on that, then.