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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Legislators funnelling money through "earmarks"

There is a 2nd of two great articles today The Washington Post has put out. The first told of legislators in Washington who funnelled money to projects that they themselves own property close to, thereby likely increasing the value of their own property, of course. Nice, huh? No surprise, right? Our own example, out of Missouri is the one and only Republican Todd Akin, bless his pointy little head and it falls under the first category--funneling money to property near his own.
From The Washington Post: Earmark near personal property: $3.3 million Between 2005 and 2009, Akin helped secure $3.3 million to upgrade part of Route 141 in his district west of St. Louis. Less than a half-mile east of Route 141, Akin and his family own nine acres. Akin's family has applied to construct six homes on the land. His spokesman said Akin's land had no bearing on his support for the earmarks. "It is going to be helpful as a connector but not helpful for residential property values whatsoever," he said. Anyway, the 2nd article, today, tells of legislators who funnel "earmarks"--read: money--to institutions and organizations that--surprise!!--their own family member happens to run. I'm certain--like you, I'm sure--that it's purely coincidental. Right? On the far more positive side, it mentions our own Senator Claire McCaskill for sponsoring a bill to eliminate earmarks, yet again. Yay, Claire! Go get 'em. It'll stick one of these days. We're behind you. Links:;

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