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Sunday, May 13, 2018

More of Just How Unprecedented this Presidency and His Administration Are

It's hard to keep up with the news of just how, exactly, as I said in the title above and as I've said here before, how not just unprecedented but completely, totally unprecedented this Trump Presidency and his administration are.

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There have been the unprecedented protests of the administration, widespread and nationwide but also worldwide, even before he became President. Then there were, have been, the protests against him, personally, ever since, up to today.

There is the fact that he's known to have paid for the service of at least one female "escort", if not more than one.

There's the fact that both he and people in his presidential campaign and now, again, in his administration, have worked and do work with our self-sworn enemy, Vladimir Putin and the Russians.

Then there is the fact that this President takes money in, on the side, as it were but literally, in his official, public position, as leader of the nation, from many businesses, hotels, etc., from across the nation and globe. Which, by the way, goes against our very Constitution, given the important-to-a-lot-of-us Emoluments Clause.

Next, additionally, there is the fact that this President has put people in charge of government agencies they were, up to that point and date, vehemently, publicly against.

Senate Panel Approves EPA Critic Scott Pruitt to Head Agency

Oh, yeah, Scott Pruitt is a real beauty, he is.

Trump picks former Eli Lilly exec Alex Azar to head HHS

Here's just some of his head of HHS' handiwork:

Then there is the spending of Trump's government picks.

Scott Pruitt's $43000 

soundproof phone booth

He wants to take us, the nation, backward, into the past, and does it two ways, not just one.

Trump pledged to revive coal industry

There was the big man's famous phone call.

Trump Congratulates Putin, 

but Doesn't Mention Meddling in U.S. Elections

He attacks the press--repeatedly, continually and famously. Or rather, infamously.

Trump launches second day of attacks 

against the media

He attacked his own, our own FBI.

Trump attacks FBI and Mueller investigation 

in morning tweets

He attacked his own, our own Justice Department. And more than once.

Heck, he attacks businesses and businessmen.

Trump Attacks Amazon, Saying 

It Does Not Pay Enough Taxes

Heck, this President Trump has even verbally, publicly attacked American Veterans.

All those times President Trump dishonored 

U.S. veterans and military

Then there's all his vacations.

Heck, this President and his administration are so bad, even Right Wing, Republican Party-owned Fox goes against them at times.

Watch ‘Fox & Friends’ anchors take apart White House over McCain insult

Now, today, there is this.

Just who, exactly, is this guy working for?

Well, I mean, who is he working for besides the already-wealthy and corporations, anyway.  That we much know. Here's what his and his Republican Party's very recent tax plan, tax cuts for the already-wealthy and corporations are doing to us all.

How the Republican tax bill benefits the rich

Why the GOP Tax Bill Will Make 

Wealth Inequality Worse

Here's how they did it.

And here's the effects their tax cut plan has had so far.

Under Trump's watch, national debt 

tops $21 trillion for first time ever

One thing is for sure. Warren Harding and Richard Nixon, both, together and separately, have nothing, nothing on this guy. He outdoes them both, hands down.

And it's only the first year and a half of this Presidency.

God help us. God help us all.

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