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Monday, May 21, 2018

MLK International Airport: Yeah, That's Not Happening

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I just saw this report online at KCUR's site:


After weeks of discussing which street to name after Martin Luther King, Jr., an advisory group is recommending not renaming a street — but the new terminal at KCI Airport. Mayor Sly James appointed the committee last month to gather public input and make an official recommendation after a group of local activists began a push to rename Paseo Boulevard after King. Kansas City remains one of the biggest cities in America without a street named after the civil rights icon. In a vote yesterday, committee members selected renaming the new airport terminal with 63rd Street as a second choice. KCUR's Andrea Tudhope reports supporters of renaming The Paseo say they aren't finished.


I have news for anybody who wants this and who thinks it might happen, that they might somehow let our new, grossly expensive airport be named after the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.

It's not.

This city and area are both far, far too filled with racists and racist sympathizers for them to let this happen. This city loves its segregation far too much to do anything remotely like this. It's the last thing they want our airport--their airport--named after or known for.

You can put money on that.

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